• Scalable Message Authentication

    Quickly approve or discard incoming messages to make sure that every message and image that goes to screen is consistent with your brand image.

Viz140 is the professional Twitter visualization tool for ultimate control over your social content.

  • Moderation of Tweets so attendees only see approved quality content.
  • Node-based display system can drive any number of displays.
  • Integrated content production and control interface.
  • Fine control over graphics and animations to match other event graphics.
  • Supports text as well as image-oriented content.
  • In addition to Twitter, additional data input modules receive input from
    • SMS
    • Email
    • RSS
    • File
    • Network Folders
    • Instagram
    • PollEverywhere.com
    • Event-specific applications

Viz:140 has been used for corporate events ranging in size from a few hundred to tens of thousands of attendees. And though every application is different, Viz:140′s flexibility makes it an excellent choice for integration with an A/V system of any size or complexity. Contact WorldStage to find out more about bringing Viz:140 to your next event.

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