CBS Upfront 2010

In 2010, Viz140 was featured at CBS’s annual gala news-making event to demonstrate how much fans love their favorite television shows.

During the lead-in to the main event at Carnegie Hall, Viz140 was used to generate 10 minutes of topical, user-generated content that seamlessly blended with the look and feel of the rest of the presentation. At the exclusive After Party, hosted at Lincoln Center, the same streams of fan comments were used with a different look and feel that reflected the more club-like atmosphere where stars of each of the network’s television shows gathered to greet invited guests. Two independent streams of video content were routed to multiple plasma screens around the venue alternating between a stream of Twitter / Facebook comments and tag clouds generated from summaries and reviews of each of the shows. At a glance, visitors could see the most important character names and plot highlights from each show while stopping to read more in-depth comments if they wished.

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