Gap International

In order to solve some unique workflow problems, Gap International chose Viz140 to drive the three-screen display system in their booth at the 2010 Fortune Magazine Most Powerful Women Summit in Washington D.C.

The system incorporated a browser-based kiosk application, hosted locally by Viz140 , through which attendees and Gap representatives entered textual commentary. This commentary was displayed on two small screens, interspersed with quotes and imagery of famous, powerful women. The center screen displayed a tag cloud, updated frequently, and derived from the prevalent terms in the commentary. Viz140 was able to export the tags and frequency counts to, generate a set of Wordle tag cloud images, and push the new images smoothly to the center screen without bringing the system offline.

At the end of the event, the client was given a list of all comments, as well as a script from Viz140 that could be used to recreate high-resolution Wordle tag clouds for publishing purposes.

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