Intel Sales and Marketing Conference 2011

In 2011, Pedersen Media Group chose to use Viz140 for an engaging interactive walk-in experience at Intel’s Sales and Marketing Conference in Anaheim, CA. Viz140 made it possible for 3000 attendees to share their ideas in real time while still filtering out contextually inappropriate content.

Attendees were asked to text or Email their thoughts and shout-outs. Incoming messages were quickly approved or removed by Intel representative backstage using the distributed Viz140 QC interface, and then sent directly to screen. Working closely with Pedersen, three graphical Looks were designed for Viz140 to match the other graphics in use at the event, including one Look that incorporated a background of hundreds of images taken by photographers throughout the event.

Viz140 enabled Pedersen to deliver an experience that was visually stunning, responsive and engaging while still being tightly monitored by their end client. From an audience of around 3000, Viz140 received more than a thousand responses, all of which were exported for the client at the close of the show.

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