VH1 Do Something Awards 2010

In 2010, XL Video provided a full-color LED ticker for the VH1 Do Something Awards in Los Angeles. WorldStage provided a Viz140 system to drive the ticker display, which delivered the power and flexibility that the project required.
The video output from Viz140 was configured to scroll text in a spatially-consistent manner across a Ticker that was nearly 7000 pixels wide. The system pushed different groupings of Tweets onto the Ticker in response to cues from the Technical Director. Tweets were displayed in a client-provided font, interspersed on the Ticker with Twitter Logos.

Viz140′s Action interface was used to cue changes to coloring, and trigger groupings of Tweets and special text for use during particular segments of the show.

With Viz140, WorldStage provided a cost-effective system that integrated well with MTV’s existing infrastructure, and was flexible enough to match the look of their event.

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